Monday, 29 March 2010

Roundabout Roundabout Maggoty Pie... father loves good ale
and so do I

(has anyone ever heard that nursery rhyme before? Me neither. It's not exactly catchy, is it?)

I got the roundabout quilt top finished on Saturday, but had to wait for a less windy/rainy/miserable day to take a pic. It still blew about all over the place and took me forever to get the darn thing to sit still to get a picture but eventually I got there. Phew.

The pattern is actually bigger than my finished top - once I got the squares laid out I realised it was getting far too girly so I gave up and this is about 50ish x 60ish inches instead of the twin size Amy has on her blog. Hopefully someone will have a little baby girl before too long and I can gift it to them, because I'm not sure it would do for a boy. Oh well. For now it will hang on the fabric closet door with the other tops waiting for basting and quilting. I need to get the damn spiderweb quilt finished before I start anything else.

For those of you that are too afraid to try curved piecing, give it a go. I think once I get it quilted the puckers will be invisible, and it was really fun to do. And fast too - this came together in a couple of days without me really thinking too much about it.
Start with 4 blocks and if you hate it that much you could make a nice pillow. Honestly, it's not as horrendous as you think.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

sunday stash

Liberty prints that the husband picked up for me yesterday. I've trained him well. The map one is a cotton lawn but the other 3 are a limited edition oilcloth. Yep, you heard me...oilcloth. You can buy your own online.

It's officially the first day of Spring today, and the sun is shining. Although I did hear on the weather report last night we may have more snow on Wednesday. Seriously - enough with the winter, already, it's Spring!!!

Saturday, 27 March 2010

surprise in the mail

I got a wonderful package this morning from Francoise as part of the Dutch Sisters Spring Surprise Swap, organised by Heleen and her sister Corrie.
The beautiful mini quilt above is going straight on my wall above my desk today. I love it!
And I mentioned to Francoise how much I loved Dutch fabrics, so she sent me some!

Thank you so much, to Francoise and Heleen and Corrie for a great swap.

Friday, 26 March 2010

progress.... feels good.

(just ignore that ruffled effect. I do.)

Thursday, 25 March 2010

cursing the curves

This quilt crawled into my head a little while ago and has refused to leave. Not until I make my own, at least.
The trouble is, I'm not very good with curves. Or at least I can't get them to lie as flat as I would like, or to not pucker up at all. On a few of the blocks I've made so far you could be forgiven in thinking I'd sewn a ruffle on the seam there's that many puckers. Still, Amy assures me her's puckered too. So if it's good for the goose and all...

PLUS - this is going to be my absolute saving grace - Amy says that in her template she didn't include seam allowances so the pieces shouldn't actually fit together all that well anyway. Ha! GENIUS. I can blame the template for my shoddy stitching. Thank you Amy. You are a wonderful woman. My plan is to get this little beauty (the top) finished by the end of the weekend. So I can hang it up on the door to my fabric closet along with the other tops that need basting and quilting. (One of them was supposed to be for my friend's little boy's birthday....just before Christmas. Maybe I'll get it done by his 2nd birthday? It's a good thing she's a good friend)

This set of fabrics (by Jay McCarroll) I've had in my stash for too long. It was originally planned to be used for a quilt for Ginge, but he doesn't like them, so this is my practise quilt before I start another one for real. Not sure what the 'real' quilt will be made out of. Maybe a random selection of favourites.

I'm 16 quarters in - in one morning - that's pretty good going, isn't it? I had to go to school for a parent/teacher consultation too, and to get some bread from the local shop. The cursing has given way to happy humming. Except when I prick my fingers on one of the 3 billion pins I've got in place to try to stop the puckering issues. They're not helping much. But ruffles are cute, right?

If you want to make a roundabout quilt like Amy's, she has the tutorial on her blog right here. There's a flickr group for more inspiration here.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

you beauty

I finally managed to get my greasy paws on a kona colour card.

Now it's time for a coffee, and some serious stroking. I had no idea there were this many colours in existence.

I got my card from blueberry buckle on etsy. She doesn't have any more, but she does have plenty of fab colours of kona cotton in stock.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

shopping, sewing, planning

The quilts exhibition at the Victoria and Albert museum, London opens this weekend. If you get a chance to visit, do so. It's going to be amazing. A history of quilting in the British Isles, spanning the past 300 years. Personally, I need no real reason to visit the V&A, it's my favourite museum in London, and although I can't give a definitive answer really, having not made a comprehensive study of the museums of the world, I am going to claim it as the best museum in the world. Someone prove me wrong, I dare you. It's got something for everyone, and it's just over the road from the Natural History museum, but the queues are always really short, there's never any crowding. It's, quite simply, perfect.

One of the excellent points is the shop. Right now you can buy fabric there. Special Liberty x V&A collaboration fabrics. Quilting cotton weight too - even better! Considering some of these fabrics are inspired by very, very old quilts it's amazing they look so fresh and modern.
I can't actually untie the ribbon and spread them out for a better view, they are too lovely to be touched right now - so if you want to see them better you will have to go for a visit. Or check out the shop. They ship internationally. Go on, you know you want to.....

I've been busy sewing for a friend's baby to can't see anymore just yet, she might be peeking...

And I've also been thinking about starting on a very special quilt. My first commission, don't you know - although I'm not sure I like to call it a commission, it makes it sound all very grand and proper. It's just a 40th birthday quilt for Trash. A favour for a friend quilt? Yep, we'll call it that.
The fabrics have arrived, all pre-washed (thank you Missus Trash), and ironed. Some are very lovely. Some are really quite scary (well, they are - I think she'll agree with me). Now I have to cut all this lot up into squares and sew 'em back together again and hope the finished result is fitting for it's task of keeping small children, not so small grown ups and dogs warm.

I'll keep you posted!

Please don't forget about the quilt auction for Chile over on Brioni's blog. It's open until the weekend. Please dig deep, and thank you so much to those of you that have already bid. You make my heart sing.