Saturday, 8 December 2012

what's new, American pussycat?

This weekend Brenda is having fun at Quilt Camp. I'm pretending it's not really happening - because I would have loved to go. There are more planned though, so keep your eyes on the pink castle blog and sign up to the newsletter for details on the next one.

This month's stash stack bundle is browns. I have near enough zero brown fabric in my stash, and so I'm really looking forward to getting my paws on this beautiful stack....

If you're not familiar with stash stack club, it's a monthly colour co-ordinated bundle of modern blender fabrics. If you sign up by the 10th of the month you get that particular month's bundle. If you sign up after the 10th, you get the following month's stack. January is purple. Yum.

Brenda also has a new coupon for you to use this weekend, use the code STASH15 for 15% off any of the stash builders in stock. I have a ridiculous amount of blue and green, but am seriously lacking in purples and browns. How about you? What do you need more of?

I love love love this diamond dot print from Dear Stella in the stash builders section.

Architextures is due in any day now. Keep checking the page for that one - Brenda expected it to be here for the weekend. It will fly off the shelves so if you want it, keep checking. (EDITED TO ADD - some is in already,  AND you can find some prints in the stash builder section)

Also - quite a few of the stash builders are on sale already, so the 15% coupon will get you some absolute bargains. Don't forget - STASH15 for 15% anything in this section here.

Over at Fat Quarter Shop Pam Kitty Love is now in stock. Lakehouse Dry Goods are probably the best at 40s style repros. And they ALWAYS have amazing blenders and basics - such as their dots.

Love this one (which comes in 7 different colours)

Pam Kitty Love has 6 different colour bundles. There are a LOT of prints in the collection, but the beauty of any of the bundles or the yardage is that it all plays beautifully together. So mix and match. Grab some of the blacks and add them to the pinks. Wouldn't that be pretty?

This bundle is probably my favourite.

But maybe this one. Pretty florals on black are a rare find, and they don't get much better than this (I've just ordered it, I'm so excited for it arrive! - I guess that must mean the black bundle is my favourite, doesn't it?! And also it means these what's new posts are as dangerous for me as they are for you. I've LITERALLY just bought it, whilst typing this post out)....

Some Art Gallery Fabric Bohemian Soul lace also leapt into my shopping cart. Oops.

This is going to be the background for a second giant star quilt with the leftover Splendor 1920 triangles from this quilt

House of Barizzy

I think the contrast between the 2 quilts will be lovely. Like night and day. I couldn't decide on a solid that was lighter and warmer, and Trudi had bought some of the lace print and some splendor 1920 and posted a pic on Instagram - it was serendipity.

I also absolutely love this quilt, which is a free pattern on the Art Gallery site. Well worth checking out!


Lola Pink Fabrics has floressence from Art Gallery Fabrics in stock - which I ABSOLUTELY love.

I made this quilt top with the line (that will be back from Trudi soon, who is quilting it for me - yay!).

Floressence by @artgalleryfab quilt top. Love this line so much.

Jeni made a quilt using a variation of her fantastic hex pattern using floressence too. (This quilt is number 1 on my list after Christmas)

Floressence Color Hex

I really do love these fabrics. They kind of don't go together, but in a good way. Like a big stack of vintage cottons. Aren't these placemats from Art Gallery Fabrics beautiful?


There's a Flickr Group for projects made from Floressence that you can check out for more inspiration. And follow Art Gallery Fabrics on flickr too for beautiful photos and upcoming lines.

Also - don't forget that Lola Pink have a discount system for multiple yards purchased, buy at least 3 yards and the price drops from $10.50/yard to a super sale $9. Perfect for those of us that like to buy big amounts for quilt backs (or for dresses and the like). They have a great shipping policy too - US shipping is never more than $5.

Peg at Sew Fresh Fabrics has the new mini line from Julia Rothman in!

Type is a fantastic little collection, only 7 different prints, but each are must haves. Windham Fabrics have hit the nail on the head with this signing, I think.

A couple of other good new arrivals are the Love Notes prints by Echo Park Paper Co from Andover fabrics. This one almost slipped by without me even noticing it. (Andover - you really do need to be more on the ball with your marketing, this set of fabrics is absolutely gorgeous, and I bet it's new to most people).

I love how this print is available in both a black and white and multi coloured print. I'm going to find out the scale of that print. I've just sent Peg a message so hopefully I'll hear back soon. (EDITED TO ADD - the squares are 3")

There's this newsprint style print too. Just lovely.

Becca has listed a whole lot of new stacks and bundles over at Sew Me A Song just in time for Christmas gift giving? I think fabric bundles are the best kind of gift. And if the people that I give them to don't sew, they can give them back to me. Ha ha ha - it's an all round win (for me anyway - maybe not for the others)

There are a lovely selection of Ruby Star bundles. Mixing Ruby Star Shining with Ruby Star Rising.

Flowers and Fruit....

and a whole heap of colour co-ordinated basics bundles.

It's a pretty good week for fabric stuff!

Enjoy the weekend - my parents are visiting, so I'm hoping that means my mum will get out into the yard and clear the leaves (I'm sewing, mama - I'm too busy, you go do it for me pleeeeeease!)


Ann Michelle said...

Not looking, Not looking, Not looking... ok so I peaked! Not buying.... not buying... not buying...
LOL ;)

mascanlon said...

Well I looked and I bought already are a dangerous friend to have Katy.

Danielle said...

Oooooooh you are such an enabler. I'm not supposed to be buying anything while we're on holidays. Please stop it now!!

Brenda - justabitfrayed said...

We are missing you here at Quilt Camp!! :)

Suz said...

I was naughty after reading last weekend's post... and it is all YOUR fault!

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