Sunday, 2 December 2012

what's new, British pussycat?

Yesterday I went on a little trip out with one of my best friends, and our 2 boys. It's funny how well they get on, just like their Mamas I guess. We had such a great day in London - Ginge went to sleep telling his daddy he'd had the best day ever.
I forget sometimes what an amazing city London is, and never do the tourist side of things. Ginge saw Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament for the first time yesterday, apparently I've never taken him before!
Max was pretty taken with platform 9 3/4 at Kings Cross (although Ginge isn't much of a Harry Potter fan so wasn't sure what it was!)

Platform 9 3/4

Anyhoo - on to the fabric stuff!

Justine (aforementioned friend and Mama to Max) has a new and exciting monthly club starting at Simply Solids - the simply solid crew! It starts this month, so sign up in time for Christmas!
All of the details are on the FQs page here but in brief the club starts with the options of as little as 3 FQs per month, and up to 6 half metres. You decide on what how many you want, and every month you get a new bundle of colour co-ordinated solids. I've seen December already - the purples are gorgeous! It's a great way to build up a solids stash, or to collect for a rainbow quilt.
I think it'd be a fun idea to make a quilt block with the fabrics each month, and at the end of the year have a gorgeous set of 12 rainbow blocks for a quilt. In fact, that's exactly what I'm going to do. I've signed up for 3 FQs a month, which I'll make into a monthly swoon block. I'm really excited now!

Tracey at Quilt Me Happy and I were talking on twitter about flannel when I made this little quilt the other week. She mentioned she had some new flannels in that looked like suiting, but were definitely not itchy and wool. I asked her if I could get some (because she hadn't yet listed them for sale on the site) and whipped up some zip pouches for Christmas gifts right away. I really do love flannel, and these are particularly fantastic, soft and really really lovely to sew.

3rd Christmas present of the day made! Flannel pouch (with flannels from Tracey at Quilt Me Happy)

Tracey has them listed now at £3.25/FQ. If you were struggling with 'man' gifts this Christmas, then you can't go far wrong with something made from these. I made a little quilt block and used the large open wide zip pouch dimensions (but didn't box) for this. I think it'd also be nice to make a box bag and fill with either shaving products and accessories or shoes cleaning bits and bobs (I'd probably add an interfacing to keep the box shape), or how about an iPad cover?

flannels from tracey

Kate at M is For Make is excited to be stocking Aurifil in both 40 and 50 weights and a selection of must have neutrals. I use Aurifil for quilting and piecing and hand sewing and any other sewing you can think of. My go-to choice is 50 weight, I like that it's finer and I don't have a problem with thread breakages even though it is fine. It's tough stuff.

This bundle from Backstitch just about sums up the weather outside today. Grey skies all round. And I have to go stand in a muddy field to watch Ginge play football. Brrr.

Don't forget Alice has my favourite blender, Sketch in stock too (although not charcoal - that sold out, but you can get an update when it's back in stock).

I spotted this fabric collection at the village haberdashery after seeing the fabric bowls below. It reminds me of the seaside. If I was a better daughter I'd get some and make something for my mum for Christmas.

In case you haven't realised before, Annie has a fantastic selection of ribbons and trims. Including pom pom trim, which I think is probably essential at this time of year. As well as a nice little gifts section for those that need to treat themselves, or someone else.

Another great choice for ribbons and trims (and some gorgeous bias tape) is the Eclectic Maker. They also have a lovely haberdashery and extras section.

This is new in, and I absolutely love it. There's a small range of other prints too, for the slightly Gothic amongst you.

In other news - my spring carnival template sets are now supplied by Jill at TabSlot and can be ordered directly from her.

This is good news in 2 ways - they look amazing (she has etched them and everything), and they are far more cost effective. So even shipped from the US to the UK you are paying less than before. Pretty cool, yes? So go and buy some.


Sheila said...

Thanks for all that Katy. those flannels might be just what I am looking for.

heart of charnwood said...

Those flannels are fabulous, I've not worked with them before, can you mix flannels with quilting cottons for making bigger quilt projects, or would that be a nightmare to sew do you think?? Ange :)

Flying Blind... said...

Some flannel just got bought - thanks for the nudge!

Katy Cameron said...

Sounds like a fun day, and love Jill's templates

Archie the wonder dog said...

I love that flannel but you already know that! Sounds like a great day in London!

Pat Merkle said...

Love the platform 9 3/4! and the flannel pouches are cool too! ;)

Francis Paul said...

I've signed up for the 3 solids FQ too and I really like your idea for the rainbow quilt!

Liv Storvik Harby said...

Love the budenle of grey fabrics from Backstich!

Trudi said...

Hmmm, I wonder who bought all the sketch?

angharad handmade said...

I love a trip to London - the children can't get enough of it! Sad to say we haven't yet done platform 9 3/4 though, so must rectify that on the next visit!
Lovely round up of goodies, oh so tempting!

Caryn said...

I am having a love affair with flannel at the moment. I found some TT charcoal sketch FLANNEL for the back of my QAYG kind size quilt and can't wait to see how it washes up. A couple five yard cuts of both sketch pink flannels for my daughters may have landed in my basket at the same time. Everybody gets cuddly bed quilts this year!

cat and vee xoxo said...

Just signed up for Justine's solids club. I'm excited that the first month is purple! - it's my daughters' fav colour, so I'm always on the hunt for "good purples". So love your platform 9 3/4 pic - my two are big Harry Potter fans, they would LOVE to go there, but it's a loooong way from Australia ... see you, Cat

Nicky said...

Great nudges there Katy! You always pick a great selection

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