Tuesday, 31 August 2010

giveaway winner

His Royal Highness, Mr Random.Org has spoken. Number 19 gets his vote.

That'd be Bridget then. Bridget said she'd make Christmas presents with the FQ stack. Crikey, there's nothing like being organised, is there? Put me to shame, why don't you (I have decided only his Gingerness will be getting anything made by me this year. And that's still up in the air. Although I do plan to stock up my long neglected etsy shop with some dollies so at least other people can give handmade, right?).

Bridget - send me an email with your details and I'll pass them on to Gwen. Congratulations!!!!

Friday, 27 August 2010

quilting along...

With Fat Quarterly. Would you like to join in?

The requirements list and more details can be found here.

(Gwen's giveaway is still going on - find details here)

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

celtic fusion fabrics

Before I introduce today's UK based fabric shop I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone that commented on my previous post. You filled me with such warmth and happiness. I don't like to bring you down with sad news or posts that are too personal because I like the world to be a happy place but on those odd occasions that real life does trip me up and makes me feel the need to share it helps to know that there are so many of you that will send a virtual hug and well wishes. Thank you. From the very bottom of my heart I mean that and reading your comments (and the emails - I will reply to those soon, I promise) made me cry, but in a good way.

Things are still a little tender round here, and I expect that to be the case for some time. But my weekend jaunt to the Festival of Quilts was fab. Well, until I woke up on Saturday morning and spent the whole day being sick (and made my husband come and get me) which meant I didn't get a chance to do all the things I had planned on Saturday...but Friday was brilliant. My friend and her mum (rightfully) won best group quilt (go Lu and Mother Spencer!!!) and we all had a great night out. More on that later this week.

Now on to the fabric...

Celtic Fusion Fabrics is a fantastic shop. No 2 ways about it. It has an amazing selection of fabrics, notions and patterns.

Don't take my word for it, this is what site owner Gwen has to say about it...

At Celticfusionfabrics we pride ourselves on offering our customers a  wide selection of contemporary and eclectic fabrics. Our range  includes the beautiful and unusual Echino, Kokka Japan and  Westfalenstoffe alongside American brands such as Robert Kaufman and  Michael Miller. We are continually expanding our range of ethical and  organic ranges, which we believe is very important. For the coming  winter we have an ever increasing range of flannel and cord and an  unusual selection of Interior weight textiles. We sell mini cloth  stacks and charm packs which we believe can offer our customers a great  selection but can also go easy on their pockets - if they are making  smaller creations ..we also cut larger quantities in yards and meters.  We also stock a super little range of homegrown bright ceramic buttons  and Japanese Linen tapes to compliment your fabric and to make your  sewing projects even more fun and exciting.. oops nearly forget our  loyalty scheme which we run.. details can be found on our site

They are also offering free postage on all UK orders from now until Sunday August 29th (refunded via paypal).

Want more? How about a giveaway? How does 6 FQs of Kokka Japanese fabric and 2 yards of linen tape grab you? (that stack up there at the top of the page).
Simply leave a comment on both this post and also Gwen's blog telling us what you'd do with your winnings. What would you make? I'd make a patchwork lining for a basket for toys for my friend's new baby boy (born last weekend - congratulations Janine...I still haven't finished your quilt. I am so useless...). The giveaway will be open for a week from today (until Tuesday 31st August) and winner will be selected by random. GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED. THANK YOU!

So head on over to check out the great variety of fabrics (and the beautiful ribbons) Gwen has to offer. I can honestly say the service is fantastic, and the fabrics are always beautifully packaged.

We have one more stop on our little tour and then I'll do a round up and set up a permanent page on the blog so you can easily find all of the amazing stores I've featured.

If you have someone you'd like to share then let me know as well, I'll add them to the list.

Friday, 20 August 2010

not the best few weeks

I'm not one for being overly personal on my blog. I don't like to share too much of the rubbish stuff because, quite frankly, I don't think you want to hear it. This is a place of stitched happiness and the occasional moan about my (beautiful) pesky kids acting up or the weather being annoying (rain - again? *sigh*) but I don't want this sad event to pass without a mention. It will be brief though.

The most influential and important person of my formative years, the one person I would turn to when I needed a hug, or asked advice, or fills the most of my memories was my Nan. The love I had (and still have) for her was overwhelming. She was the one that started my interest in all things crafty/stitched. We would spend Saturday afternoons in front of the open fire sewing, picking out buttons from her (and now my) button tin, trying to teach me how to knit (I managed a couple of pairs of mittens with holes in but never got any better than that).

Her whole life was a struggle, after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in her 20s she managed to keep it secret until my mum was 40 and still lived much later than was expected of her. In fact I can't count the times I had a phone call from my mum telling me she was most likely close to the end and I should rush down to Suffolk to say goodbye. Almost every time I did she was sat up in bed having a cup of tea by the time I got there. So the real end came as an unbelievable shock a couple of weeks ago and I still don't really believe it.

People say you need to take time and let the grief do as it will. I'm trying. In all honesty I'm not doing too well, I feel a bit like I'm flapping my wings and trying to fly but never reaching great heights. A bit like a chicken with clipped wings.

So this weekend I am going to the Festival of Quilts with a few friends and I might drink too much beer and I might have a cry if one of them asks me if I'm ok in a certain tone of voice. I will most certainly have an excellent laugh and I think my Nan will be quite happy to see that she did a pretty alright job in making me into what I am today. Because I do owe so much to her and I can't thank her enough for that.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Saints and Pinners

We're almost at the end of our UK fabric shop tour. I do hope it's been useful for you all and has opened your eyes to the wealth of shopping for fabric online in the UK. It certainly has for me. I could have carried on showcasing different shops for at least another couple of weeks but next week will be the last few shops and then we can go back to normal (sporadic) posts.

The shop featured today is probably the most well known from the little scoot around blogland I have done. I've seen stacks of fabrics tied up with Saints and Pinners ribbon a fair bit. Word on the street is they have excellent customer service, fast delivery and are always on hand to answer questions.

They have fantastic choice of fabrics - and a tempting sale section (where you'll find the latest Amy Butler LOVE collection reduced). I have reason to believe they are also the only UK stockist of the hard to find Dobby Dots voiles by Anna Maria Horner (shown below).

The website is easy to navigate, great to look at and has clearly marked sections for fabrics, fabric packs, patterns, sale items, the blog, and inspiration pages.

The overall feeling you get from reading the blog and looking at the shop is that mother and daughter-in-law team, Jo and Fran, clearly love what they do, it reflects in the feel of the shop.

The fabric choices are great. There's a wide variety of choice from each range and it's a lovely site to look at.

Where else have we been?

fancy moon - 10% off until September 30th with code ginger
gone to earth - 10% off code 8fe892dd6d
seamstar - 15% off first order with code IMAGINGERMONKEY
simply solids - giveaway until August 18th
fabric inspirations - 10% off code GINGERMONKEY
the fabric loft - 15% off code GINGERMONKEY
patch fabrics - free uk shipping code UKGM
backstitch - giveaway (now closed)

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

simply solids winner

Mr Random.Org has selected number 33 as the winner! That's Chris who said;

'So much to drool over!
Kona jelly rolls look very appealing ...'
Chris x

No contact details for you, Chris, so email me at katyejones@hotmail.com with your details and the neutrals bundle of kona solids will be on their way!

Thank you so much to everyone that entered. Keep your eyes peeled for another giveaway soon!

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

fancy moon

Fancy Moon is a shop I've known about for sometime, and can vouch for their great customer service. I also get their tempting newsletters emailed to me with details of offers and new items in. You can sign up on the website.

Nancy from Fancy Moon says;

With local fabric shops and haberdasheries closing down daily, it's just so hard to find fabric on the High Street. Your nearest fabric outlet could be a 40 mile round trip and even then, you might not find the fabulous, inspirational fabric that you had your heart set on! It was this frustrated creativity that led to the formation of Fancy Moon in the Summer of 2005. Originally London based, in the Spring of 2010 we moved our headquarters to the beautiful hills of North East England where we run our gorgeous (and ever-expanding) shop and develop our beautiful textiles and sewing kits.

The range of fabrics in store is dizzying - from fun Alexander Henry and Michael Miller prints (including the fantastic alphabet panel above) to Japanese kokka and lecien (the dots below are lecien - they really do make fantastic dotty fabrics) and then your more well known free spirit designers such as Heather Bailey and Jennifer Paganelli are nestled amongst so many others on a list that really is so long I'd be here all day! Or you could shop by theme and buy some new Christmassy fabrics (it's creeping up - we're almost at the end of August, folks)

Whatever you're looking for I am pretty sure you'll find it here at Fancy Moon. Or something that will fit the bill at least. It's most likely that you'll get distracted and end up buying more than you first intended.

Don't worry about spending too much - Nancy has given us a discount code to use. It's ginger (lower case, just like that) and you can have 10% all purchases until the end of September. Now you can shop with peace of mind that you're actually saving money.

Cotton quilting and sewing fabrics aren't the only ones you can find in Fancy Moon though. There are also some lovely heavier weight interiors fabrics (like a canvas/thicker cotton) which would be amazing as cushions and curtains or how about reupholstering a chair or footstool? This one below would be amazing as a statement piece of furniture....

Don't forget that Courtney from Seamstar is holding her Tufted Tweets giveaway until Wednesday 18th over on the seamstar blog. There's also a great review of a foldaway market bag pattern made using echino fabrics, well worth a look.

And whilst we're talking of giveaways - Mandy's kona solids giveaway is still going strong (until Weds 18th also). Simply click here and leave a comment on that post to enter.

All of the other offers from the shops involved so far are listed below - grab a coffee and go for a browse. It's so refreshing and wonderful to order fabric one day and it arrive the next, like I did yesterday from here.

gone to earth - 10% off code 8fe892dd6d
seamstar - 15% off first order with code IMAGINGERMONKEY
simply solids - giveaway until August 18th
fabric inspirations - 10% off code GINGERMONKEY
the fabric loft - 15% off code GINGERMONKEY
patch fabrics - free uk shipping code UKGM
backstitch - giveaway (now closed)

Monday, 16 August 2010


Seamstar is a completely new to me shop that I know I'll be spending a lot of time and money in. In fact, I really want to buy all the bundles in the pictures here as well as near enough all of the other bundles in the shop. That's not to mention the overwhelming desire I have to buy up all of the kokka, echino and monaluna organics in the new in section.

Courtney from Seamstar says;

Seamstar sell cutting edge and funky fabrics. We are based in the UK and post daily, so no more long waits for fabric from overseas! We pride ourselves on Customer Service and every order is lovingly packaged in tissue paper and ribbon.
Our Customers love our unusual collection of fabrics and ribbons.

And do you see the bundle of fabrics at the top of this page? The 2.5 metre in total, 10 x quarter metre pieces of tufted tweets by Laurie Wishbrun and co-ordinating kona cotton solids bundle?
That's up for grabs on their blog. Yes, a GIVEAWAY! And it's open to everyone, regardless of where you live (UK postage is free, rest of the world will have to pay shipping costs).
Rush though, the giveaway ends on Wednesday 18th. You'll find the details on the seamstar blog.

Don't worry if you don't win the bundle, you can buy your own with 15% off your first order using the code IMAGINGERMONKEY on checkout.

I wonder what to buy first?

Also - don't forget the giveaway of a kona solids neutrals bundle from Simply Solids. Just click here to get to the post and leave a comment if you haven't already.

All of the other offers so far are listed below....

gone to earth - 10% off code 8fe892dd6d
fabric inspirations - 10% off code GINGERMONKEY

the fabric loft - 15% off code GINGERMONKEY
patch fabrics - free uk shipping code UKGM

I'll be back tomorrow with another shop (did you realise there were so many?) and also some pics of my new tattoo that is getting coloured in today. Whoo!!!!!

Friday, 13 August 2010

handmade by button

Sorry for the break in proceedings yesterday, I was away for the day and didn't get a chance to post this before I left the house in the morning. Blogger's scheduled post option hasn't been working particularly well for me recently, so I prefer to do it the old fashioned way!

Today we are off to visit a really sweet little shop called handmade by button that not only sells fabric, but also stocks a lovely selection of ribbons, cute die cuts, felt and buttons and gorgeous little handmade items as well! It's a crafter's paradise!

Amanda says;
www.handmadebybutton.com is the home of designer maker Amanda aka giantbutton on twitter. My website showcases all of my handmade goodies along with all the fabulous fabrics, buttons, ribbons and other amazing craft items everyone loves to collect and use in their handmade creations.

I initially graduated with a Textiles & Surface Design degree and my love for textiles has grown and developed since I completed the course. I have set up Handmade By Button to sell fabrics which majority are 100% Cottons/poplins and have started to expand into Japanese Fabrics which are absolutely adorable and amazing quality fabric.

I also attend craft fairs in and around Newcastle and also attend Tynemouth Market where you can buy my materials, buttons, ribbons along with my handmade items.

Don't forget Mandy from Simply Solids' giveaway from Tuesday - click here to check it out

And the links for all the other posts are below;

gone to earth - 10% off code 8fe892dd6d
fabric inspirations - 10% off code GINGERMONKEY
the fabric loft - 15% off code GINGERMONKEY
patch fabrics - free uk shipping code UKGM

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

simply solids

Today's shop gets me excited. Very excited. If I could afford it (and get away with it without the rest of the family packing up and leaving) I would have a bolt of each of the colours on the kona colour card. That's 221 different colours.

Mandy from Simply Solids is closer to achieving that dream long before me. She has a head start - she currently has 35 colours in stock but that number is increasing all the time. And the shop only opened a little over a month ago.

One of the best features of Mandy's shop is that you can order in any colour from the 221 and she will get it in for you within a few days (as long as you order at least 2 metres).

Mandy says;

I am mum to three gorgeous kids, Jamie - 9, Freya - 6 and Audrey - 4, and live with my artist husband, mad dog, cat and rabbits in the Peak District.

Twenty odd years ago I attended an exhibition in Atlanta on slave quilts, it made a huge impression on me and I vowed that one day I would make my own quilt. I finally got round to starting a quilt when I was pregnant with my first child nine and a half years ago, motherhood took over and I never finished it, that is until two years ago - that is when I got the bug. I have an addictive personality and quilting and buying fabric has become my addiction. I was finding it frustrating that it was hard to source certain fabrics in the UK, especially Kona Cotton Solids, so decided to bite the bullet and start my own store. That was just over a month ago and I am now the largest stockist of Kona Cotton Solids in the UK! I am also stocking some Moda pre-cuts and some modern designer fabrics in ranges that I love! My store is just my own glorified stash!

Even if you're not a huge fan of plain cottons you will find something you like over at Simply Solids. The moda scrap bags are great value for money, and come packaged in a neat little bag which make them perfect for gifts (anyone planning my Christmas present? - I'll take any of them please but my particular fave is the Fresh Cottons by Fig Tree). There are fat quarter bundles, and beautiful fabrics from Jessica Levitt, Laura Gunn, and Patty Young (pic above).

If you've never tried kona cotton solids before here's your chance to give them a go. Or if you're a die hard fan, you'll love this!
Mandy is offering one lucky winner a bundle of 8 FQs from the neutrals range of kona solids.

That's 1 FQ each of;

ash, black, charcoal, bone, stone, white, snow, medium grey (pic below)

Simply head over to the shop, have a look round and then come back here and tell me what you like the look of.

Maybe pick up one of these beauties whilst you're there....
(the kona colour card - it's a thing of beauty and will suck many hours out of your life whilst you dream up new combos of colours)

Off you go!

Giveaway is on for one week from today (until August 18th) when I will announce a winner.

Rules are as follows;
Giveaway only open to UK and European residents. Winner will be selected by random. Prize is 1 x bundle of 8 fat quarters in the neutrals range. No substitutes.


gone to earth

We're off again! Today we're visiting Julia from Gone to Earth.

Gone to earth stocks beautiful 100% cotton fabrics from fabulous designers like Amy Butler, Laura Gunn, Heather Bailey, Anna Mara Horner, Patty Young and Sandi Henderson (among others).
There are inspirational sewing patterns for clothes, bags, toys, pin cushions...the list goes on!

Need haberdashery essentials? It's ok - Julia's got you covered!

Bag making supplies? Vilene? Magazines? Yep - they're all here too!

Delivery is free on orders over £45 and most orders are dispatched the same day, so you won't have to wait for days and days for your shopping to arrive.

Plus; you can get 10% off any orders from now until the 31st of August using the following code on checkout - 8fe892dd6d

They even stock a great selection of wadding - so you really don't have to venture anywhere else! It's a one stop shop!

What are you waiting for? Head over there now!

backstitch giveaway winner

Numbers have been cut into small pieces of paper and stuffed in a bowl and the winner is.........

number 39 Jedimama

Can you email me at katyejones at hotmail dot com with your details and I'll pass you on to Alice at Backstitch to claim your free bundle.

Congratulations to Jedimama and thank you to everyone that took part in the giveaway.

Keep your eyes peeled this week for more discount codes and another giveaway. And keep shopping!

Monday, 9 August 2010

fabric inspirations

Welcome back to the tour of UK fabric shops. We're still a little way off being done - this week we have a whole host of different places for you to visit and bookmark so I hope you'll take the time to pop in and see what they sell and remember them for future reference. Or maybe treat yourself today?

Fabric Inspirations has been going for about 3 years, so it's a well established shop with a lot of variety on offer. It caters for the fun and funky folks with Japanese imports, Michael Miller and Alexander Henry, has a huge range of solid cottons, and has a great range of more traditional quilting cottons as well. You'd be hard pushed not to find something you like here.

There are corduroys like this owl print pictured below....

and many, many dots, stripes, checks...

And you get a 10% discount if you enter GINGERMONKEY in the box on checkout.
How cool is that?

Don't forget about all the other shops, you can just head back to the previous week's posts for details on what they have to offer you as well (I've listed a breakdown of the posts at the bottom of this post with links)

The giveaway ends today - click here to leave a comment if you haven't already. I'll draw a winner later tonight.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

a break from shopping

It's the weekend so we're taking a break from the tour of awesome UK fabric shops (back monday with another corker - and another discount code, then more giveaways in the week as well!)

This weekend my parents are coming up. The past couple of weeks in our family have been pretty awful, which I won't go into now - I'm not quite in the 'right place'. We're going to go out for some lovely food and chill out. Plus I'm hoping to get one of the quilt tops that has been hanging about on the back of my door loaded onto the quilting frame I bought but then got scared of.

I really do need to conquer my pathetic fear!

Have a great weekend everyone - what are you planning on doing?

Friday, 6 August 2010

Fabric Rehab

I'm pretty sure most of you will be familiar with today's featured shop. Creations made using Fabric Rehab purchases regularly pop up in blogland. But just in case you're not familiar with the name or haven't perused the beautiful shop before, let me take you on a little guide.
The shop is full to the brim with eye candy. They have a rainbow of plain cottons, patterns to inspire you, heavier weight upholstery fabric, bundles galore, (for birthday/christmas/love gift purposes - I'd really like this bundle here). And then they have the pages and pages of fabric. Just make sure you sit down with a cup of tea and have at least half an hour spare. Ok?

In their own words...

Fabric Rehab is run by sisters Sally and Nancy who want to offer something fresh for the modern crafter. We have filled the shop with gorgeous designs and now you can choose from some of the hottest prints on the market from designers such as: Kokka, Echino, Ann Kelle, Hoodie, Caleb Gray, Anna Maria Horner and SEI. You can buy by the fat quarter or we have pre-selected fabric bundles which are great if you feel daunted by choosing colour combinations. We also sell sweet sewing kits such as Owls and Cupcakes which make great gifts or are ideal for decorating a nursery.

We will also be offering free postage during Fabric Rehab's holiday (no orders dispatched between Wednesday 28th July and Friday 6th August) so any orders placed during this time will receive free postage.

So go on, today is the last day for free postage - head over and stock up!!!

Don't forget - the giveaway is still on from Tuesday's post courtesy of Alice at Backstitch. She's added more bundles to the shop, so go take a look and leave a comment on Tuesday's post for a chance to win.

Claire at Patch Fabrics is offering
free UK postage with code UKGM entered on checkout

Lizzet at the Fabric Loft is giving you guys
15% off all purchases throughout the month with the code GINGERMONKEY on checkout.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

The Fabric Loft

Are you enjoying our little trips round the UK? I know I am! Today we say cheerio to Claire at Patch Fabrics and move from Sunny East Anglia to Oxford - the home of some very clever people and (more interestingly for us) The Fabric Loft

This is another new online store, only set up in April of this year, and is run by Lizzet. Obviously there's a trend here amongst Englishwomen and their shops (although Lizzet is actually Mexican by birth and now married to an Englishman and calls England her home) because this is another beautifully laid out and easy to use website with gorgeous graphics.
It's eye candy all round - and that's before you've even glanced at the fabric.
Look at this lovely little lady sat on her bolts of fabric waiting for you to place an order.....

She pops up all over the website. She'll even wrap your purchase for free if you mention it's a gift on checkout. Isn't that super service for you?

Lizzet says;

we are a new online fabric shop, we just started trading at the end of April. We stock mainly quilting cotton but we also have some cotton voile and patterns. We are hoping to stock more types of fabric in the near future and we are always checking our supplier sites for new collections and designers.
Apart from free shipping on orders above £45, I also give a discount to people that buy 10metres or more of fabric. With so many people making goodies for sale and new sewing clubs being established in the UK this is an offer that it's quite attractive to many people.
I would love to have a brick and mortar shop and be able to chat with all my customers, with that in mind I made sure that the website was easy to navigate and if anybody had a question it was easy to reach me. That's why we have in every page the "have a question?" link, apart from the Contact Us page. I used to always shop for fabrics with friends so I could ask them for their opinion, to recreate this in our shop, we have also included the "tell a friend" feature. If you set up an account with us you can keep a wish list, which is a great tool that allows you to have all you favourite fabrics together so you can mix and match them... and you can also send your wish list to someone to hint what you want for your birthday!

Designers available at The Fabric Loft include Amy Butler, Michael Miller, Sevenberry, Denyse Schmidt...the list goes on.

As well as fabric there are sewing patterns for both bags and clothes and of course the ever practical fabric bundle.

What's more is that Lizzet is offering you a whopping 15% discount on any purchase by entering the code GINGERMONKEY on checkout. This code is valid until the end of the month, so you have time for more than one shopping trip.

What are you waiting for?!

I really think I need some of this.....

Don't forget Claire at Patch Fabrics is offering free UK shipping (refunded by paypal) by entering UKGM in the message to seller at checkout and Alice from BackStitch is giving you the chance to win a fabric bundle of your choice by leaving a comment on Tuesday's post (click HERE to get to that one).

I'll see you tomorrow !

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Patch Fabrics

Today we're off to the fairest County in all Great Britain - Suffolk. Yes, I know I'm biased because I'm a Tractor Girl myself but it really is the greatest County of all and everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime.
Claire (who is almost my opposite - she's from Oop North but has relocated to East Anglia. I'm a Tractor Girl, relocated to Yorkshire) is fulfilling her dream of being surrounded by fabrics and trims running Patch Fabrics. This girl has big plans, and her ultimate dream is to have a real life bricks and mortar shop. I think she'll get there.

In Claire's words;

'Patch Fabric and Haberdashery, is a new online shop based on the East Coast of England.
We stock fun fabrics in contemporary design, by designers such as Michael Miller, Red Rooster, P&B Textiles, Denyse Schmidt, Amy Butler, Tanya Whelan, Kaffe Fassett, Anna Maria Horner and Clothworks. Patch caters for the serious quilter and dressmaker, as well as crafters who just want to play with fun fabric! We also stock ribbons and trims to complete your project'.

Patch is another easy to navigate, lovely to look at site with a really great variety of fabrics.

She also stocks vilene, bunting tape, cording, ribbon and elastic - so you can pick up a whole heap of haberdashery items as well as your fabrics.

The inspiration packs are perfect gifts, to either yourself (you deserve it, don't you?!) or friends. Starting from only £3.25 for the mini packs and going up to £7.25 for the regular sized packs they contain 2 pieces of fabric and co-ordinating trims and ribbon. Such a lovely idea.

Claire is offering free UK postage to I'm A Ginger Monkey readers. Skip along to Patch Fabrics and place an order, entering the code UKGM in the message to seller box at checkout (the postage will be refunded to your paypal account).

Don't forget about the giveaway from Backstitch yesterday - just click here and leave a comment on yesterday's post for a chance to win.

Come back again tomorrow - we've got another great shop to tempt you with!!!

Tuesday, 3 August 2010


Backstitch is a brand new online store run by busy mum of two, Alice. I know she's a busy mum of two - because her youngest is only weeks old. I have to admit I'm shocked she finds the time to run her fledgling business, when both of mine were that small it was enough of an effort to get dressed!

Alice says;

'Backstitch is a stylish online craft store stocking a range of patterned fabrics, plain fabrics, and sewing patterns. The current selection of patterned fabrics includes favorite designers such as Kaffe Fassett, Anna Maria Horner and Amy Butler, and also introduces a new designer, Lily Keziah. The plain fabric range is currently a spectrum of cottons which are both versatile and great value for money. Fabrics can be bought by the metre or in bundles from the cocktail collection! Backstitch also stock a great selection of sewing patterns. Designs from Sew Liberated, Oliver + S, Anna Maria Horner, Bettsy Kingston, Colette… the list goes on. In addition to being a shop, the Backstitch website features regular articles which, in tandem with their blog, at backstitchblog.blogspot.com, share sewing inspiration, tutorials, and reviews.'

The website is really well laid out, clearly labelled and very easy to navigate. There is a great range of plain cotton fabrics for only £5.50 a metre, which is exceptionally good value. The fabric bundles have been thoughtfully put together using either a range of fabrics from the same designer of a mix of fabrics along a colour theme. They also have fun cocktail inspired names such as the Manhattan, or the Whiskey Sour (my personal favourite). Alice's blog features pattern reviews, news of what's coming soon and giveaways. All in all, well worth a visit.

And here comes the really good part - you have the chance to win a fabric bundle of your choice just by leaving a comment. Head over to the Backstitch shop and have a look round, and then come back here and tell me which bundle takes your fancy.

The small print - giveaway only for UK or European residents (sorry rest of the world!). Prize is one bundle from the choice available in the Backstitch store. No substitutes or custom bundles. Postage is not included. Winner will be selected by random on Monday August 9th. GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED! THANK YOU!!!

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